Oxford EPC is an energetic supporter of Oxford University and Oxford Brookes Christian Unions. We actively encourage our students to get plugged into college groups and University-wide events

As the UCCF Associate Staff Worker for Oxford, Neil helps to coordinate several activities for the Oxford intercollege Christian Union (OICCU) including a weekly evangelistic discussion club called ‘The Search’ and a weekly meeting for undergraduate and postgraduate theologians and philosophers called ‘Theology Network.’ Annual mission events offer unparalleled opportunities for outreach to non-Christian friends. Neil and Andy love to support college events and regularly serve as speakers in various capacities.

But we’re also conscious that undergraduate life presents challenges to faith – not just academic challenges, but also personal challenges as social circles change and broaden and your faith is faced with new and more sophisticated questions. We want Oxford EPC to be a church where you’ll feel supported along this journey, where it’s OK to be real, and from which you’ll graduate with a deeper and clearer grasp of God and of his gospel.

Rooted, the students’ biweekly meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday. Find out more at Rooted page.

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