Studying in Oxford

Congratulations on getting a place to study in Oxford! We would love to welcome you into our thriving community of undergraduate and graduate students.

University life in Oxford offers students more than just exceptional academic opportunities. We hope you’ll have an amazing time, developing friendships and life skills as well as getting your degree. But most of all we hope you’ll grow in your walk with Jesus, discovering depths in him to match anything your degree course can throw at you, and building patterns of devotion that will last a lifetime.

Oxford EPC is dedicated to nurturing undergraduate and graduates students along their journey through university life. Our approach is to welcome you into a diverse community. If essays and problem sheets and seminars consume your time from Monday to Saturday, we don’t want you to be surrounded by them again on Sunday – we want to welcome you into the larger life of the church family, and into conversations that free you from the rat race of student life.

But we also want to help you engage with your studies as a Christian. Your faith in Christ is not a part of your life to park at high school level while your academic vocation blazes forward into the stratosphere. We want your years at university to be years where your faith is stretched as much as your abilities as a historian or as a mathematician. We want to help you grapple with the big questions, and come through that grappling humble, joyful, and ready to serve.

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