Our church

Oxford Pres is a church of ordinary, less-than-ordinary people, seeking to put Jesus first – to sit under, enjoy, and obey his word; to bless and encourage his people with fellowship and support; to reach out with the news of his amazing initiative to save to those who don’t yet know him; and in all these ways to grow up into his image and embrace the priorities of his kingdom.

Here are a few key features that we hope you will notice about life at Oxford Pres. We are…


At the centre of the Bible, of the gospel, and of the Christian life, is Jesus Christ. He is Lord and God and the only way of rescue for sinners. Everything we do as a church is centred on preaching Jesus Christ and living for Jesus Christ.


The Bible is God’s word and it is the foundation of everything we believe, preach and practice as a church. We aim to preach and teach the whole counsel of God from the whole of God’s written word in Scripture.

Confessionally reformed

We believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith and its associated Catechisms are some of the best summaries of Biblical truth ever written. We’re committed to them as our statement of faith and we’re excited to promote confessional Christianity in Oxford and beyond.


According to Jesus, the church exists to make, baptise, and teach disciples (Matthew 28.18-20). We take every opportunity we can to place this expansive agenda at the heart of our church life.

Reliant on the means of grace

From its very beginning, Christians have devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer (Acts 2:42). Together with baptism, we call these things ‘the means of grace’ and they stand at the heart of our worship, life, and witness.

Warm hearted

Oxford Pres is a Presbyterian church that’s open to people of all denominational (and non-denominational) backgrounds, even if you have no idea what ‘Presbyterianism’ is! We’re delighted to pray for, and to partner with, the many other excellent gospel ministries in our city, and also those further afield.